Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Eric Schmidt

U.S. Moves to Get AI House in Order

An AI advisory body established by the U.S. Congress will examine how the technology can be applied on the battlefield. The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence was established ...Full Article

Evolving AI Debate Shifts to the Battlefield

The accelerating pace of AI development continues to attract the attention of policy wonks who simultaneously view the technology as a strategic asset while worrying about unforeseen consequences of ...Full Article

Google Limits Carbon Footprint, Funds Climate Change Deniers

A commitment to green datacenters, renewable energy projects and the purchasing of carbon offsets have enabled Google to reduce its revenue-adjusted carbon footprint for the fourth year in a ...Full Article

Google Asks ‘How Green Is the Internet?’

<p>With nearly 2 billion people connected to the Internet these days, there are those who question the effects that this usage has on the environment. </p>Full Article