Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, January 28, 2023

data security

Protection in the ‘Data Path’ for Security across Hybrid Environments

Bracket Computing, the hot, highly funded hybrid cloud security platform company, today announced extensions to its “Computing Cell” cloud workload protection platform, a container-like “bubble” that enables “fluid” data ...Full Article

Consider a ‘Genetically Diverse’ Security Strategy

Worldwide, the HPC market is booming as the industry enters the era of exascale-size data sets, and supercomputing applications expand beyond the academic and scientific world into financial services, ...Full Article

Cloud Data Security: ‘360-degree’ Protection Against Malicious Data Use

Cloud security technology providers Palerra and Okta have joined forces on what they call a scalable “360-degree” cloud data protection offering that guards data from without and within. The ...Full Article

Healthcare Shift to the Cloud Quickens

Among the emerging use cases for cloud and other IT platforms is the digitization of health records, an application with strict regulatory guidelines but a crying need for modernization ...Full Article

Investors Flock to Cloud Security Providers

Investors, including major cloud players, continue to pour money into cloud security and automation startups as the need grows to protect sensitive data and defend cloud infrastructure. Among the ...Full Article
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