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Cloud Doubts Mean Datacenters Aren’t Going Away

The death of the enterprise datacenter has been greatly exaggerated, an annual survey finds, adding that on-premises infrastructure is “neither dead nor dying” despite a migration of some critical ...Full Article

COVID Hurts Overall IT Spending, Cloud Benefits

The pandemic was expected to slow global IT spending. The only questions being by how much and for how long. Hard numbers for the beginning of this year are ...Full Article

Multi-Cloud Network Targets Bottlenecks

As the embrace of multi-cloud strategies gathers steam and enterprises struggle to decide how to spread IT assets across the cloud and their own datacenters, new tools are emerging ...Full Article

Datacenter Survey Confirms Steady Cloud Shift

A respected datacenter survey of senior enterprise IT executives finds that half expect the majority of production workloads to reside in the cloud or colocation sites, a process that ...Full Article

Datacenter Economics No Longer Add Up

The inexorable rise of big data and the waterfall of unstructured data being generated by connected devices and sensors are fundamentally changing datacenter economics, prompting a growing number of ...Full Article

Datacenter Spending Up, Energy Efforts Hitting Wall

A survey of the datacenter industry broken down into colocation and financial services along with a catch-all enterprise category found that the former are receiving budget increases while enterprise ...Full Article

Datacenter Construction Expected To Boom

Datacenter construction is forecast to boom over the next four years as demand for datacenter colocation facilities grows and energy regulations prompt upgrades. However, the rise of modular and ...Full Article

FORTRUST Strengthens Executive Organization in Partnership with IO

FORTRUST announced that David Shepard, senior vice president at IO, will assume the additional role of FORTRUST senior vice president of sales and marketing.Full Article

European Data Center Operator Switch Datacenters Opens Incubator To Test Energy-Efficient Technology

Amsterdam-based Switch Datacenters announced on Monday that it has opened an incubator that it will use to test and deploy energy-efficient data center technologies. Hardware that passes its testing ...Full Article