Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, January 30, 2023


SpaceCurve Adds Spatial World to Databases

As many enterprises grapple with the influx of big data they're collecting about customers' spending habits, credit histories, online preferences, and social media posts, a start-up expects its ability ...Full Article

Intel’s New Xeon E7 Family Targets Big Data

Intel wants to address enterprises' mission-critical, analytics, and big data processing needs with the advent of its new Xeon E7-4800 v3 and E7-8800 v3 x86 chips. The Santa Clara, ...Full Article

HPC for Advanced Analytics at the USPS

Today, the United States Postal Service is on its third generation of supercomputers, with each generation more capable than its predecessor. IDC believes the USPS embrace of HPC exemplifies ...Full Article

SAS Kicks Off Global Forum with Bevy of New Products, Research

SAS kicked off its annual SAS Global Forum with a flurry of new product releases and research reports focused on bringing together business users and data scientists, and unifying ...Full Article

SGI Supercomputer Upgrade to Boost Total Exploration in 2016

Energy giant Total will use its recently announced supercomputer upgrade to improve the productivity and efficiency of its┬áseismic processing and reservoir simulation processes when the system goes live next ...Full Article

Let’s Go (To the Cloud) Mets!

Big-time professional sports are increasingly turning to networking and analytics technologies as they seek to enhance the "fan experience." New, publicly financed sports palaces now come with networking features ...Full Article

Future Cray Systems To Unite Analytics And Simulation

Big data and analytics are not a threat to Cray. They are an opportunity. And importantly, the increasingly intertwined workloads of modeling, simulation, and analytics play to the strengths ...Full Article

Stat Czar Vince Gennaro Harnesses Baseball’s Mountain Of Data

The amount of data being captured, stored, and analyzed during a Major League Baseball (MLB) game has, like players' salaries and the net worth of big league franchises, exploded. ...Full Article

Report Shows Impact of Industrial Internet

<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="" width="95" height="71" border="0" />This morning, General Electric (GE) released a new report that focused on the Industrial Internet, predictive analytics, robot/human interaction, and the ...Full Article

Monsanto Drops $930M to Acquire Weather Analytics Firm

Farming is big business, and, infused with big data analytics, has the potential to be even bigger. This reality is not lost on agriculture monolith, Monsanto, which yesterday announced ...Full Article
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