Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, March 25, 2023

Federal IT Reform Bill Headed For Passage

Legislation that would speed consolidation the federal government's more than 9,600 datacenters while centralizing the authority of agency chief information officers is expected to be approved by Congress this ...Full Article

Steel Mill Transformed Into Juiced Datacenter

A former steel mill outside of Philadelphia that is connected to more than 2 gigawatts of electricity has been converted into a datacenter and is opening up its doors ...Full Article

Euroserver Project Targets Green Datacenters

A European "green computing" effort is taking a new approach to datacenter scaling while attempting to rein in IT equipment density and energy consumption. The Euroserver project that includes ...Full Article

Cloud Services Reshaping Datacenter Build Outs

As global datacenter construction peaks over the next several years, "mega datacenters" are emerging as the primary server location for colocation and cloud service providers, a new industry survey ...Full Article

Wyoming Waste Powers Microsoft Datacenter

As efforts to make datacenters more energy efficient hit a wall, Microsoft is taking a new approach: using methane biogas from an adjacent wastewater treatment facility along with fuel ...Full Article

Business Growth, Storage Drive Datacenter Expansion

Most medium-sized enterprises surveyed in a datacenter demand study said they intend to go with a mix of on-premise, outsourced, co-located, hosted and cloud-based IT operations. The survey also ...Full Article

Lower Electric Bills, Higher Morale At Datacenters

Everybody likes a good deal, but here's a marketing pitch we hadn't heard before: Increasing energy efficiency in datacenters also improves "company morale." That's one of the arguments made ...Full Article

Debate Heats Up Over Datacenter As Energy Hog

A healthy debate is gathering steam over how cloud providers will find new ways to power datacenters that are sure to demand more energy as computing and storage requirements ...Full Article

Intel Datacenter Biz Profits From Hyperscale, HPC Build Outs

In most cases, saying the datacenter is hot is a bad thing, but not so when talking about the financial results of chip maker Intel. The company just reported ...Full Article

The Myth Of The Green Datacenter

Here's the reality when it comes to datacenter energy consumption: If the cloud industry were a country, according to a recent study, it would be the fifth largest energy ...Full Article
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