Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, June 28, 2022

How to Mitigate Third-Party Data Breach Risks

University of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC) is one of the latest healthcare organizations to have sensitive records exposed. This breach should trigger a wake-up call for healthcare organizations -- ...Full Article

Filling the Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage

Here in the middle of 2015, it seems every day brings news of yet another information security breach within commercial or governmental organizations. In only two years, PwC estimates ...Full Article

Valerie Plame: The Spy Who Came in to the Code

Since her cover was famously blown, former covert CIA operative Valerie Plame is more openly protecting the country's digital assets. In May, the author and anti-nuclear activist joined the ...Full Article

Ex-DHS Cybersecurity Exec: Encryption is Key

Endpoint encryption, while a strong starting point, is not always adequate to protect enterprises from today's sophisticated attacks, according to a former director of global cybersecurity management at the ...Full Article

‘Can Containers Contain?’ Remains Top Security Issue

Among the stumbling blocks to scaling application container technology are lingering concerns about security in production environments. Secure deployment of Docker and other container workloads in production was among ...Full Article

U.S. Can Learn a Lot from EU About Cybersecurity Legislation

Violence. Human rights. Universal healthcare. Cybersecurity initiatives. You may ask yourself what these four things have in common. Well, aside from being hot topics of political debate, they are ...Full Article

Getting Cybersecurity Insurance After a Breach

Getting cybersecurity insurance after a cybersecurity breach can be a daunting exercise. The primary underwriter may either drop the entire company for commercial insurance coverage or not offer cybersecurity ...Full Article

Hackers Carjack Jeep in IoT Nightmare

Two hackers successfully took control of a Jeep Cherokee as it hurtled along a highway at 70 miles per hour, turning an Internet of Things nightmare into reality – ...Full Article

Under Attack: Malware Roundup from Security Pros

The weekend brought no respite for anxious chief security officers, CIOs, and other professionals involved in the never-ending quest to protect data, networks, and accounts from the onslaught of ...Full Article

4 Lessons from NYSE, United Airlines & WSJ

By now, I think we all know the gory details from July 8. But just to remind you, it was a rough day: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) ...Full Article
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