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Liqid Unveils UltraStack 16-Way NVIDIA L40S Server Design at SC23 

DENVER, Nov. 14, 2023 -- Today, at SC23, Liqid, a leader in composable disaggregated infrastructure technology, unveiled the Liqid UltraStack L40S reference architecture. This features Dell PowerEdge servers with 8 or 16 NVIDIA L40S GPUs that help customers meet emerging high GPU density demands.

UltraStack can help accelerate next-generation workloads by delivering 35 percent higher performance, while ensuring cost savings with a 35 percent reduction in power consumption and a 75 percent reduction in software licensing costs when compared to lower GPU capacity servers.

In the rapidly evolving worlds of artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLM), high performance computing (HPC) and graphics-intensive applications, the demand for high-density GPU systems has never been greater. However, access to high end GPUs, like NVIDIA's H100 Tensor Core GPU, have higher lead times, and many customers need 8 or more GPUs in a single server.

"With the rising demand for GPU performance, Liqid steps up as a powerful ally," said Sumit Puri, CEO & Cofounder, Liqid. "Our Liqid UltraStack reference architecture is a game-changer, built around Dell PowerEdge servers with NVIDIA L40S GPUs. It's not just a concept - it's a tangible, reliable solution readily available. This provides an unparalleled advantage for compute-intensive tasks, firmly placing you ahead of the curve."

When implementing the Liqid UltraStack reference architecture with the Dell PowerEdge R760xa, customers can configure and deploy 16 NVIDIA L40S GPUs, offering more performance per server. This solution combines NVIDIA L40S GPUs, NVIDIA ConnectX-7 NICs, NVIDIA BlueField DPUs, and Liqid NVMe IO Accelerator cards into a single Dell PowerEdge R760xa server, redefining the limits of high-density GPU systems.

To learn more about Liqid UltraStack and other Liqid composable disaggregated infrastructure solutions, stop by our booth #1219 at SC23, schedule an appointment with an authorized Liqid representative or reach out at [email protected]. Follow Liqid on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest Liqid news and industry insights.

About Liqid

Liqid is the leader in composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) solutions, revolutionizing the way organizations utilize IT resources. With Liqid’s innovative Matrix software, customers have control over GPU density and utilization, allowing them to efficiently adapt to evolving demands.

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