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alwaysAI Strengthens Its Computer Vision Platform with New Cutting-Edge MLOps Features 

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 27, 2023 -- alwaysAI, a computer vision leader, is thrilled to announce the release of enhanced MLOps features to its comprehensive computer vision platform. These integrated capabilities solidify alwaysAI as a premier MLOps provider with a suite of powerful features and tools to streamline the entire computer vision lifecycle.

This release complements alwaysAI’s existing Dataset Management and Remote Deployment features, making it easier than ever for developers to create, deploy, and manage enterprise-grade computer vision models and applications.

"We’re always enhancing our tools and functionality to provide enterprises with Practical AI solutions to dramatically streamline operations and drive more revenue,” says Marty Beard, Co-Founder and CEO of alwaysAI. “These advanced model evaluation and management features are the latest upgrades to our comprehensive, end-to-end computer vision platform.”

Key features of alwaysAI’s MLOps include:

  • Enhanced user interface to streamline the model configuration process.
  • Multiple GPU options for greater control of model training speeds.
  • Forecasted model training duration based on your specific parameters for ultimate flexibility.
  • Real-time session performance including metrics such as mAp, recall, and validation loss.
  • Model evaluation with alwaysAI’s exclusive modelIQ tool that measures precision, recall, and F1 score, to facilitate successful model refinement.

"alwaysAI's MLOps platform is a game-changer for the computer vision industry,” notes Peter Diebitsch, CEO of Ceramic Pro. “The ability to fine-tune models with detailed training insights and evaluate them comprehensively allows enterprises to build and manage powerful computer vision models that drive results.”

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