Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, December 4, 2023

Permutable AI Offers an Initial Glimpse of GreenProof Framework Exposing Sustainability Claims in the Financial Sector 

Permutable AI, one of the leading providers of AI-power market intelligence,  has released groundbreaking findings from its proprietary Greenwashing Framework. With the collaboration of global regular authorities, Permutable AI has uncovered the veracity of the sustainability efforts of companies in the financial sector.

Founded in 2022, Permeable AI has emerged as a key player in the sustainability market intelligence for the financial industry. The company is spearheading the charge for a more socially responsible financial sector. Permutable AI’s commitment to transparency and responsibility has been recognized for two consecutive years on the AI Fintech 100 list. 

Using advanced AI tools, Permutable AI has conducted an in-depth analysis of recent claims made by various businesses, including some top companies in the financial sector, about their sustainability initiatives. The findings could have some profound implications for the corporate world, especially the financial sector. 

Greenwashing is when an organization makes false or misleading statements about its sustainability initiatives or efforts. It is often done to win over customers or investors who support environmentally-friendly businesses. There is a growing demand for environmentally friendly products and services, and some organizations are attempting to capitalize on this growing demand through greenwashing. 

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Permanente AI has been able to navigate and address intricate business and sustainability challenges. With Permultbale AI’s Greenwashing Framework, several prominent companies have been exposed including JP Chase,  Scotiabank Chile, Invesco Ltd, AIB Group, Bank of Ireland, Diversa Trustees, Deutsche Bank, and BlackRock. 

The analysis by Pemutable AI identified two primary forms of greenwashing - overt misrepresentation and the use of vague or misleading claims. According to the results, Diverse Trustees uses the latter, while BlackRock and Deutsche Bank fall within the former category. 


According to Wilson Chan, CEO of Permutable AI, “Our innovative framework underscores the critical importance of transparency, unambiguous claims, and an authentic commitment to sustainability in today's business climate. As consumers increasingly adopt environmentally conscious practices and stringent regulations targeting greenwashing gain momentum, it is imperative for businesses to firmly embrace the tenets of corporate responsibility and sustainability." 

He adds, "By harnessing pioneering AI and machine learning technologies to ensure companies are held accountable for their claims, we not only advocate for a more transparent and sustainable corporate ecosystem but also champion the pivotal role that AI for good plays in addressing these critical issues.”

The findings of the Permutable AI are just the first steps in realizing the potential of artificial intelligence in sustainability market intelligence. Permutable AI’s imminent objective is to secure funding so it can advance its framework to a user-friendly and accessible tool for all stakeholders. This includes investors, business partners, and consumers who are conscious about their involvement and support for environmentally friendly businesses. A democratic greenwashing solution will help champion authenticity and sustainability and enable individuals and businesses to gather insights and make informed decisions. 

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