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Seadronix Presents AI Ship Autonomous Navigation Technology at IMO Symposium 

ULSAN, South Korea, July 5, 2023 -- Seadronix, a company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the maritime industry, introduced the current stage of AI-enabled situational awareness technology at a symposium held by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Korean Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

The symposium was held at the IMO headquarters in London on May 30th in preparation for promulgating the new regulation, namely Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) Code, and paving the way to autonomous ship operation.

The symposium was titled “Making Headway on the IMO MASS Code.” The expert speakers included researchers from institutes in Norway and Finland as well as representatives of global shipbuilding leaders HD Hyundai and Samsung Heavy Industries. Seadronix, leading advanced AI tech for MASS, was the only startup company invited to attend as an expert speaker.

During the symposium, speakers introduced the technological trends and developments of autonomous ships technology in each country and presented policy proposals for the development of the MASS Code.

Seadronix introduced its AI-enabled recognition and sensor fusion technology as a part of its presentation titled "From technology to reality: the implications of commercializing recognition technology considering MASS Code's situational awareness requirements." This state-of-the-art situational awareness technology analyzes safe navigation routes in real time by gathering data from various sources, such as vision, LiDAR, RADR, etc., and recognizing obstacles encountered during ship navigation that can assist current manual lookout.

Seadronix’s situational awareness applied solution is already commercialized. The demonstration of its AI Ship Navigation and Monitoring System (NAVISS), operating on the Korean research vessel “Haeyangnuri,” received particularly positive responses.

Seadronix CTO Hankeun Kim said: “It was an honor to be invited as an expert speaker to present the autonomous ship navigation technologies we are developing and to express our opinions on the formation of autonomous shipping agreements and regulations at the IMO symposium. These procedures will significantly affect future international maritime policies. We will continue our research and development efforts so that Seadronix’s technologies may contribute to the international standardization process of autonomous ship navigation.”

About Seadronix

Seadronix provides ship navigation assistance (NAVISS) and port monitoring (AVISS) systems which successfully operate on ships and berths. Seadronix solutions demonstrate accurate situational awareness technology integral to future autonomous ship operations and related policies.

Source: Seadronix