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Fictiv’s New Service Provides Production Quality Parts at Prototype Speeds for Low Volume Manufacturing 

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2019 -- At CES 2019, Fictiv, a company democratizing global manufacturing, revealed new category of injection molding manufacturing services enabling production quality parts at prototype speeds. The new Rapid Design Mold Service is part of Fictiv’s Agile Manufacturing Solution(AMS) and offers customers access to fast production of high quality, complex parts at low volumes.

“CES provides a first look at the next generation of inspiring consumer products,” said Fictiv CEO and Co-founder Dave Evans. “But the ugly truth is that many of these products will never make it to market as you see them today because of the design tradeoffs and volume commitments required from traditional manufacturers. Fictiv is transforming that reality by leveraging our worldwide network of manufacturers to bring production quality tooling and parts quickly and affordably.”

In the past, manufacturers have suggested that hardware developers utilize aluminum tooling for low volume injection molding projects. This approach undermines the fidelity of a design in favor of speed. Fictiv’s Rapid Design Mold services taps into existing worldwide manufacturing capacity through its network of vetted partners to enable on-demand, rapid injection molding for even low volume runs.

“Our customers are not willing to sacrifice design for speed,” explains Fictiv’s Vice President of Manufacturing, Jean Oliveri. “By bringing high quality, flexible production tooling online in as fast as 10 days, we’re helping customers rapidly progress from functional prototyping into bridge production and low volume production without sacrificing design integrity.”

With the addition of Rapid Design Molding services, Fictiv’s new enhanced Agile Manufacturing Solution gives product development teams:

  • T1 parts in 10 days with high quality aluminum or steel tooling; no minimum order quantities
  • Instant baseline pricing available online
  • DFM feedback with every quote
  • Online order tracking for visibility on order production and shipment status;
  • Vetted overseas supply base with specialization in rapid-response manufacturing, through Fictiv’s headquarters in Guangzhou, China;
  • U.S. and China-based service teams to manage communications and quality control with manufacturers, led by managers with combined 50+ years industry experience;
  • ISO 9001-certified quality management systems to standardized quality assurance across all manufacturing partners; and the
  • Fictiv Quality promise.

Fictiv will be demonstrating its virtual manufacturing platform at private events during CES, including Pepcom’s Digital Experience at The Mirage on January 7th and the Misty West Founders & Friends event at the MGM Skyloft on January 9th. To request a demonstration or meeting with Fictiv during CES, contact [email protected] or visit to learn more about Fictiv’s injection molding services.

About Fictiv

Fictiv is democratizing access to manufacturing, transforming how hardware teams design, develop and deliver physical products. Its virtual manufacturing platform pairs intelligent workflow and collaboration software with Fictiv’s global network of highly vetted manufacturers. From prototype to production, Fictiv helps hardware teams work efficiently and bring products to market faster.

Source: Fictiv

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