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New CPC Liquid Cooling Option for HPC, Data Centers 

ST. PAUL, Minn., Dec. 6, 2018 -- CPC (Colder Products Company), maker of quick disconnects (QDs) designed specifically for liquid cooling of electronics, has enhanced its LQ Series with G/British Standard Parallel Pipe thread (BSPP) terminations widely used across Europe and Asia. These easy-to-connect, robust, non-spill connectors are known for their reliability in high performance computing and data center applications.

“Our LQ Series of quick disconnects is designed and built specifically for high performance computing, data centers and other critical thermal management applications,” said Kristin Anderson, market manager, thermal management. “We have had great success with the LQ Series. The new terminations tailor the LQ Series performance for European and Asian markets where G/BSPP threads are more commonly used.”

The G/BSPP terminations contribute to a low profile in cold plate assemblies with shallow ports. All LQ Series QDs—LQ2, LQ4 and LQ6—also offer unique swivel configurations and an integrated thumb latch for easy, one-handed operation in confined spaces like the server racks of large data centers.

LQ Series QDs feature a multilobed seal for redundant protection against leakage and lasting shape retention during extended periods of connection. Multilobe seals provide greater sealing efficiency than standard O-rings, while requiring less force to connect. The non-spill design allows disconnection under pressure without leaks—critically important in protecting electronics from exposure to fluid and enabling hot swapping of equipment.

The robust LQ4 and LQ6 QDs also can handle twice the original side-load force and feature a 38 percent higher burst-pressure rating than before, offering additional protection from rough handling or use. The LQ2 Series is the highest-flow capacity 1/8-inch connector in the liquid cooling industry, with a 22 percent better flow coefficient than other1/8-inch connectors. Higher flow capacities reduce pressure drops by an average of 34 percent, optimizing liquid cooling system performance.

“Thermal engineers and project managers working with liquid cooling in Europe and Asia will appreciate the performance of the LQ Series with the familiar G/BSPP termination,” said Anderson. “LQ Series QDs are compatible with liquid cooling solutions, resistant to valve corrosion and tested to 10,000 cycles—double that of some other connectors. Manufacturers and operators can use the LQ Series with confidence, given CPC’s expertise.”

For more information about the performance and versatility of the LQ Series or any of the other 10,000+ innovative connection solutions CPC offers, visit

Source: CPC

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