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Toronto Startup Releases Elastic HPC Cloud Platform to Drive Innovation 

TORONTO, Aug. 13, 2018 -- Drizti Inc., a Toronto based startup and member of the Microsoft BizSpark program, has announced the availability of HPCBOX, a desktop-centric, intelligent workflow cloud HPC platform for automating and executing application pipelines.

"We are very excited to announce the first release of our HPC Cloud platform to drive innovation by bringing supercomputing technology to your personal computer," said Devarajan Subramanian, President of Drizti Inc.

HPCBOX Innovation

HPCBOX introduces an innovative method of plugging in cloud infrastructure into application pipelines and provides a rich desktop experience, including hardware accelerated remote graphics technology for authoring workflows with its workflow editor. Users from multiple industry verticals, like Manufacturing, Packaging, Automotive, Renewable Energy, Aerospace etc., who use Simulation Engineering, AI or Machine Learning technologies and require High Performance Computing to accelerate their product development and cut costs can immensely benefit from this turn-key HPC cloud platform. By using HPCBOX, customers benefit from:

Faster time to Market: Cut product development time with our turn-key HPC platform.

Cut Costs: Eliminate OPEX by leveraging our Pay-As-You-Go offerings.

Streamlined development: Combine HPCBOX's workflow-oriented platform with Drizti's expert HPC support to augment product development.

HPCBOX Innovation Availability

HPCBOX is available as a Pay-As-You-Go and a Managed HPC service offering on Microsoft Azure. Additional HPCBOX clusters for various applications will be made available on the Azure Marketplace as and when they are being released.

About Drizti Inc.

Founded 2017, Drizti Inc. focusses on delivering Personal Supercomputing. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to make supercomputing technology accessible to every engineer and scientist. SMEs, consultants and even larger enterprises many times don't have in-house HPC skills or datacenters that can host the compute power required for technical and scientific computing, Drizti aims to provide them with HPC technology and support them with expert HPC skills to help drive innovation.

Source: Drizti Inc.

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