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Seagate Announces Launch of New Nytro SSD Flash Drives 

CUPERTINO, Calif., Aug. 7, 2018 -- Expanding the Nytro portfolio of products, Seagate today announced the launch of its new Nytro SSD flash drives, designed to deliver ultra-fast, consistent performance for read-intensive workloads. Globally available in the fall of 2018, the Nytro SSD enterprise product line, including Seagate’s Nytro 1000 SATA and Nytro 5020 NVMe, will be demoed at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, August 7-9, Booth #505.

The Nytro SSD is designed to serve as the backbone of the enterprise’s cloud infrastructure, making it ideal for IT data center managers seeking to upgrade their existing systems:

  • Energy Savings: Nytro SSD drives require less energy to run 24x7, effectively saving on cooling and overall energy costs. Installing Nytro SSD results in noticeable cost reduction for workloads handled on-premises.
  • Dependability: The most reliable data storage technology, the Nytro SSD updates existing data center infrastructure with robust features, improved quality of service, and enhanced user experience. The power loss data protection feature helps ensure data integrity and prevent data loss in the event of unexpected power failure, enabling data inflight to be saved into the NAND flash. Seagate Secure delivers peace of mind, ensuring secure supply chain, secure download and diagnostics, and instant secure erase.
  • Versatility: The Nytro 1000 SATA SSD series offers best-in-class versatility, with a tunable capacity feature that increases random write performance by up to 120 percent or provides maximum capacity to the user. Unique data reduction technology, DuraWrite, delivers industry-leading write performance and best-in-class read/write performance, up to 2.3x higher than the competition.

With this launch, Seagate continues to expand its enterprise SATA data storage offerings, ranging from 240GB to 3840GB (3.8TB) capacity.

Additionally, Seagate will be showing Inspur, SuperMicro and WiWynn systems in the booth and will have presentations by Seagate’s Tony Afshary, Director, Product Management and Erich Haratsch, Director, Enterprise SSD Engineering, titled “Seagate SSD’s: Empowering Your Performance” and “An SSD Controller for 3D NAND with Compression, LDPC Coding and Media Management”, respectively.

Source: Seagate

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