Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, October 6, 2022

HPE Unleashes AI, Deep Learning Platforms 

HPE today announced the latest rev of its HPE Apollo 6500 platform, Gen10, along with a spate of new AI-oriented offerings designed to help customers optimize and scale up their AI and deep learning usage.

Like its Gen9 predecessor, HPE’s Apollo 6500 platform with the XL270d Gen10 server supports up to eight Pascal or Volta Nvidia GPUs — P40s, P100s and V100s (added last fall), but the new server enables NVLink-optimized configurations, and it brings in Skylake with options for 6100 and 8100-series Intel Xeon processors, up to 28 cores. For a fully-loaded server, the mezzanine-type V100s alone will get you to 62 peak double-precision teraflops, and accounting for the top-bin Intel 8180 SKUs pushes the max theoretical output to 66 teraflops. HPE reports the revamped offering delivers a 3x speedup for deep learning model training over previous-gen (P100-equipped) gear, based on a self-reported benchmark employing Caffe and TensorFlow and the models inception3, resnet50 and vgg16.

The Apollo 6500 Gen10 platform targets deep learning workloads and traditional HPC use cases involving complex simulation and modeling. HPE reports “an innovative systems design” that “allows for a high degree of flexibility with a range of configuration and topology options to match each workload.”

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