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U.S. Out of Medal Contention in Coding Olympics 

China’s impressive standing up of the 93 petaflops Sunway TaihuLight atop the Top500 list in June ruffled more than a few feathers in the west. Here’s yet more fodder for stirring up geo-computational acumen nervousness – a report by HackerRank, a blog that posts coding challenges, indicates the U.S. would place 28th in a Coding Olympics while China, Russia, and Poland would take gold, silver, and bronze.

An article in the Washington Post on Wednesday (Aug. 31) cites the study on HackerRank that suggests the U.S. programmer community isn’t keeping pace with the rest of the world. As always, such rankings must be weighed with a grain or two of salt. That said, the post article notes:

“The study compiled the results of 1.4 million coding challenges by about 300,000 developers completed on the website HackerRank, a free coding practice website that doubles as a developer recruiting ground for companies such as Facebook and Airbnb. After breaking down the results by country, HackerRank found that U.S. coders landed in 28th place.”

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