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Trend Micro Rises With AWS Cloud 

Founded in 1988, IT security company, Trend Micro has seen technology trends come and go. With the cloud, however, the group says that they are realizing significant growth that is showing up on the ledger sheet.

One of the recent successes they’ve seen involves their Deep Security platform. Earlier this year, Trend Micro launched Deep Security into the AWS cloud service using APIs to extend the platform in Amazon. While opening up a new market is never easy, the company says that the move has been largely successful with customer growth inflating their bottom line. “In the first two quarters alone, we’ve seen a 200% increase in the number of subscribers to the service,” said JD Sherry, VP of Technology and Solutions with Trend Micro.

Cloud has become a central part of the 25 year old company’s strategy as it looks for growth opportunities in an expanding cloud marketplace. The company, headquartered in Tokyo, recently released their second quarter results, showing net sales of $273 million for the quarter, and a $1.1 billion FY2013 target, with cloud-lined services providing precious fuel for growth.

Adding to the cloud cash bonanza, Trend Micro says that they’ve expanded their partnership with Facebook, providing multi-language security support using their cloud-based Smart Protection Network infrastructure, which they says uses cloud technology, threat correlation and a global network of threat intelligence sensors to thwart bad actors.

Additionally, the company has recently announced their collaboration with storage giant, EMC, To deploy Deep Security for the EMC VSPEX private cloud building blocks, enabling threat protection for virtualized environments – and further showing the power of the cloud to be a business impetus for the security space.

It’s a trend that’s likely to increase, according to a recent study that Trend Micro collaborated on examining cyber security trends in the Americas. According to the study, “hacktivism” is on the increase as hackers use backdoors in technology for political-oriented attacks. The study also found that Internet-assisted money laundering is a trend on the rise.

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