Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Saturday, May 18, 2024


Cerebras and Neural Magic Collaborate to Accelerate Sparse Training and Deployment of LLMs

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 17, 2024 -- Cerebras Systems, a pioneer in accelerating generative AI, and Neural Magic, a leader in high-performance enterprise inference servers, announced the results ...Full Article

Harvard/Google Use AI to Help Produce Astonishing 3D Map of Brain Tissue

Although LLMs are getting all the notice lately, AI techniques of many varieties are being infused throughout science. For example, Harvard researchers, Google, and colleagues published a 3D map ...Full Article

Databricks Announces Major Updates to Its AI Suite to Boost AI Model Accuracy

Last year in December, Databricks, a leading provider of data intelligence and AI solutions, announced a new suite of tools to get GenAI applications to production using Retrieval Augmented ...Full Article

DataRobot ‘Guard Models’ Keep GenAI on the Straight and Narrow

Businesses are eager to deploy generative AI applications, but fears over toxic content, leaks of sensitive data, and hallucinations are giving them pause. One potential solution is to deploy ...Full Article

Galileo Introduces Protect, a Real-Time Hallucination Firewall to Safeguard Enterprise Generative AI

SAN FRANCISCO, May 2, 2024 – Galileo, a leader in developing generative AI for the enterprise, today announced the release of Galileo Protect, a real-time GenAI firewall solution that ...Full Article

Amazon’s New AI Assistant Is an Editor to Prevent Hallucinations

Large-language models regularly spit out off-the-rails answers, and companies are introducing editors and guardrails to ensure that responses from AI are more on point. Amazon this week announced the ...Full Article

NEC Expands AI Offerings with Advanced LLMs for Faster Response Times

TOKYO, April 24, 2024 -- NEC Corporation has expanded its "NEC cotomi" generative AI services with the development of "NEC cotomi Pro" and "NEC cotomi Light," two new high-speed ...Full Article

Nvidia Exec: Secure AI Economies Could Help Everyone Profit

An Nvidia executive shared a bold vision of AI economies where individuals and companies can sell their AI assets, such as data, software, or models, without compromising their intellectual ...Full Article

Lightning AI Today Announces ‘Thunder’ to Speed Up AI Model Training

Lightning AI today announced the availability of Thunder, which it hails as a new and powerful source-to-source compiler for PyTorch. This tool is designed for training and serving the ...Full Article

Maybe GenAI’s Impact Will Be Even Bigger Than We Thought?

The level of hype around generative AI is off the charts, as we have covered here in Enterprise AI over the past year. The hype is so thick at ...Full Article
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