Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, January 30, 2023

high-frequency trading

Servers On Steroids Speed Stock Swaps

Executing stock trades often comes down to being first in the queue of traders. Hence, developers of high-frequency trading platforms that connect trading servers to networks focus on reducing ...Full Article

As Datacenters Bulge, Switch Maker Claims Record

Cloud migrations, big data and mobility are reshaping the datacenter as more servers are linked and bandwidth capacity joins scaling as essential requirements. Those needs are creating opportunities for ...Full Article

Cloud Platforms Help Wrangle Trader Data

A new data-as-a-service platform targeting high-frequency traders adds momentum to the growing trend toward combining cloud-based computing with precise market data. In this case, a widely used time-sensitive data ...Full Article

SDN Scheme Aims to Cut Capital Markets Client Provisioning Delays

With the expansion of their global software-defined network (SDN) dedicated to the capital markets industry, Lucera Financial Infrastructures and fiber optics vendor Perseus assert they have cracked one of ...Full Article