Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, June 13, 2024


Everyone Except Nvidia Forms Ultra Accelerator Link (UALink) Consortium

Consider the GPU. An island of SIMD greatness that makes light work of matrix math. Originally designed to rapidly paint dots on a computer monitor, it was then found to be ...Full Article

Anthropic Launches Tool Use, Making It Easier To Create Custom AI Assistants

Anthropic has announced the general availability of the new Tool Use feature for its AI assistant Claude. The new feature enables users to build their own AI-driven solutions. The ...Full Article

Can Scale Become the ‘Data Foundry’ for AI?

Scale AI, which provides data labeling and annotation software and services to organizations like OpenAI, Meta, and the Department of Defense, this week announced a $1-billion funding round at ...Full Article

Fujistso and Mizuho Deploy GenAI to Track Trends in Humpback Whale Migration

Fujitsu and Mizuho Financial Group have partnered to track trends in humpback whale migration and promote sustainable tourism for Hachijo Island, a popular tourist destination. The island features historical ...Full Article

NinjaTech AI Teams Up With AWS to Launch the Next Generation of AI Agents and Copilots

NinjaTech AI, a San Francisco-based startup that offers conversational artificial intelligence for business, has announced the public beta launch of its new AI agent service Ninja. Powered by Amazon ...Full Article

Fujitsu Chosen For GENIAC Project To Enhance Reliability Of GenAI in Business Applications

Fujitsu, one of the leading technology and business solutions providers, has been chosen for the research and development project for the enhanced infrastructures for post-5G information and communication systems. ...Full Article

Researchers Use Machine Learning To Optimize High-Power Laser Experiments

High-intensity and high-repetition lasers emit powerful bursts of light in rapid succession, capable of firing multiple times per second. Commercial fusion energy plants and advanced compact radiation sources are ...Full Article

Scientists Use GenAI to Uncover New Insights in Physics

With the help of generative AI, researchers from MIT and the University of Basel in Switzerland have developed a new machine-learning framework that can help uncover new insights about ...Full Article

Matillion Bringing AI to Data Pipelines

Data engineers historically have toiled away in the virtual basement, doing the dirty work of spinning raw data into something usable by data scientists and analysts. The advent of ...Full Article

NVIDIA Powers AI Supercomputing, Scientific Innovations, and HPC Research

NVIDIA, the world leader in accelerated computing,  is driving a fundamental shift in the high-performance computer (HPC) industry. This week NVIDIA detailed how its AI chips are accelerating innovation ...Full Article
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