Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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disaster recovery

Reemerging Container Security Ills Addressed

Concerns about the security of application containers have reemerged as the micro-services technology spreads across the enterprise. Those worries are fueled by recent reports of a “breakout” vulnerability in the ...Full Article

Juggling Security With Greater Data Access

Securing critical data while simultaneously making it more accessible is the challenge for enterprise IT departments, a new vendor survey finds. In a report released Wednesday (Jan. 10), big ...Full Article

Hospital Ransomware Attacks Spark IT Security Debate

A series of ransomware attacks directed at U.S. hospitals is highlighting the vulnerability of private health records as hackers prey on healthcare facilities with the ability to pay. The ...Full Article

Resiliency Through the Cloud: Limiting Reputational Risk

The threat of business disruption is forever present, as is the harm these outages can do to a business and its reputation. In fact, according to the 2015 Cost ...Full Article

Escrow Averts Service Provider Disaster

As more organizations rely on cloud service providers, they must consider how to handle unexpected outages that could impact day-to-day operations or the long-term capacity to access data or ...Full Article

Does Your Business Continuity Plan Include Your Employees?

With hurricane season upon us, state and federal agencies are teaming up to prepare for worst-case scenarios. But what about you? If a sudden disruption threatens your organization's continuous ...Full Article

4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a BaaS and DraaS Solution

Enterprises risk losing almost $2 trillion due to downtime and data loss but the vast majority of organizations remain unprepared to mitigate this costly damage. A recent study found ...Full Article

The Management Side of IT: Are Our Systems Secure?

<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="" width="70" height="64" />Second in a series by contributing editor and ex-CIO Paul Ingevaldson. Small to medium sized manufacturers are particularly vulnerable if they don't ...Full Article
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