Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Monday, October 19, 2020
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data transfers

Move It: Gen-Z Consortium Vows New Semantic Fabric for Data Movement at Scale

Industry powerhouses have joined forces to address an issue that has confounded system architects since the advent of multi-core computing, one that has gained in urgency with the emergence ...Full Article

Privacy Framework Spurs Euro Datacenter Expansion

Cloud services and data governance vendors are moving swiftly to comply with a new U.S.-European Union privacy regime that imposes stricter requirements on U.S. companies for protecting the personal ...Full Article

Update: E.U., U.S. Reach Tentative Data Transfer Deal

European regulators announced a framework agreement on Tuesday (Feb. 2) on trans-Atlantic data transfers that would require U.S. companies¬†importing personal data from Europe to "commit to robust obligations on ...Full Article
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