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Cloud Migration

DoD Looks to Break Cloud Security ‘Bottleneck’

The Pentagon is looking for ways to recast is its cloud security guidelines as a way to accelerate the department's slow migration to cloud computing. Meanwhile, key cloud providers ...Full Article

Survey Sees Major Middleware Overhaul

Among the implications of the enterprise migration to the cloud is a predicted overhaul of middleware platforms over the next several years as the integration of business applications drives ...Full Article

Microsoft Buys Cloud Cost Manager

As more enterprises struggle with their cloud migration, tool vendors are emerging to manage the transition along with the cost and complexity that many enterprise cloud adopters underestimate. As ...Full Article

Cloud Migration: Look Before You Leap

It's best to get your ducks in a row before moving the company jewels to the cloud, a migration study advises. As hybrid cloud strategies gain momentum, the migration ...Full Article

Shift to Cloud is Measured, IT Survey Finds

While more enterprises are moving workloads to the public cloud, a datacenter survey finds that the percentage of workloads residing in on-premise or co-location datacenters has remained stable since ...Full Article

Transparency Leads to Cloud ROI

Having demonstrated cloud's flexibility and agility, IT departments now are tasked with reining in costs and centralizing control over often dispersed deployments of cloud across their organizations. After all, ...Full Article

Auto Engineering Firm Taps CliQr For Cloud Migration

Cloud computing is making enterprises more flexible than ever. The ability to spin up computing resources, take as much or as little as is needed, and then pay for ...Full Article
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