Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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HPE Report Finds Organizations Are Overlooking Huge Blind Spots in Their AI Overconfidence

As artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize various industries, organizations are exploring new ways to tap into the transformative potential of AI technologies. While the majority of business leaders believe ...Full Article

MRII Study Reveals Market Researchers Have a Positive Attitude Toward AI at the Workplace

The first round of data from a global study by Market Research Institute International (MRII) reveals that market researchers are feeling positive about GenAI’s potential to enhance job performance ...Full Article

Gartner Reveals Top Trends in GenAI Cybersecurity for 2024

Organizations, governments, academics, and countless others are looking for ways to harness the transformation power of GenAI technology. The majority of IT leaders (67%) are prioritizing GenAI for their ...Full Article

Cognizant Predicts GenAI Will Inject $1 Trillion Into the U.S. Economy

We know that GenAI has great potential to transform businesses and the economy. However, we don’t know how much impact it will have. Would the hype fizzle away in ...Full Article

New AI Patent Study Shows IBM Leads Google and Microsoft in GenAI Race

The meteoric rise of artificial intelligence over the last year has sent tech companies scrambling to find new ways to develop and deploy AI technology in their products and ...Full Article

IBM Report Highlights Consumer Interest in AI-Driven Shopping

The retail industry is facing mounting pressure from the economic headwinds and evolving consumer expectations. To better understand the widening gap between shopper demands and the current retail offering, ...Full Article