Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Case Study: AAI Corporation Builds Competitiveness with HPC and the ‘Black Art’ of Computational Fluid Dynamics

A few years ago, AAI Corporation hired Dr. Michael Guterres to lead its Aircraft Engineering Department. The company knew it had to elevate its design capabilities to be more ...Full Article

National Robotics Initiative Plays Key Role in Broader Manufacturing Strategy

An integral part of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP), the National Robotics Initiative seeks to boost America's high-tech manufacturing sector by enhancing human capabilities, performance and safety.Full Article

Vision with Action – A Peek into the NCMS DM SIG Meeting

A Strategic Interest Group, or SIG, is a group of like-minded individuals and organizations with a common goal. Recently the Digital Manufacturing Strategic Interest Group (DM SIG) formed with ...Full Article

Designing Bicycle Wheels in the Cloud

While riding a bike may be easy, the aerodynamics involved in wheel design are complex, requiring powerful CFD software running on high-performance computer systems. The simulations generate so much ...Full Article

Additive Manufacturing Shakes Up Industry

Additive-manufacturing processes like 3D printing are paving the way for new business models and new ways of thinking about the design process.Full Article

Technology Advice for Job Shops

There are steps job shops should consider to help protect themselves from the forces of globalization and intense competition.Full Article

Seamless Computing: A Conversation with John Hengeveld

Intel's John Hengeveld likes automotive analogies. "If you haven't got a car, you don't need an on-ramp," he says, a statement that makes perfect sense in the context of ...Full Article

Chocolate Craving? Press Print

As cool as 3D printing is, it's about to get even cooler. UK scientists have announced a new medium for the 3D printer: chocolate.Full Article

Dassault Innovates for the Future

Thanks to the design arm of a small French plane maker, companies like Boeing have been able to replace costly physical testing with precise, efficient computer-based techniques.Full Article

Training or Technology – Why Not Both?

A host of regional and international initiatives, including the White House-backed Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, seek to give advanced manufacturing a starring role in the revitalization of our economy.Full Article
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