Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Sunday, March 7, 2021
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AI Career Notes: February 2021 Edition

In this monthly feature we bring you up to date on the latest career developments in the enterprise AI community -- promotions, new hires and accolades: Jill Altruda AI-powered ...Full Article

Factors for Financial Firms When Choosing a High Performance Cloud or Data Center Partner

When digital transformations sweep through an industry, it’s important to evaluate how prepared the industry is to handle those changes. For some it’s easy to embrace, but for others ...Full Article

Verne Global Honored With Two Stevie Awards in 2013 International Business Awards

Verne Global, an innovative, UK-based developer of energy efficient data center campuses, has been recognized with Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards in the Communications Team of the Year and ...Full Article

Datapipe Launches Green HPC Cloud Node

Managed services and infrastructure provider Datapipe has launched its greenest and most high performance solution yet – in Iceland – in partnership with Verne Global. Full Article

Mavericks Push the Green Envelope

Power consumption and cooling may be concerns for all IT departments, but high performance computing (HPC) demands large amounts of both. GigaOM held a webinar on Tue., April 23, ...Full Article

Cantrell Speaks on Success and Future of Icelandic Datacenters

Last week, GCR caught up with Cantrell to discuss the recent AFCOM award nomination, how the Icelandic datacenter came to be, and how it has attracted as much attention ...Full Article

Green Computing’s Final Four (of the week) Data Centers

Every week features many new green data center announcements, from their planning to their completion. This week, Green Computing Report is highlighting four (a Final Four, if you will, ...Full Article

Apple Makes Peace with Greenpeace

Apple may not be running the Maiden facility on 100 percent renewable energy as they claim. However, the intention to do well appears to be there, and, perhaps somewhat ...Full Article

Groundwater Flows through New Datacenters

Supercomputing operators have to be more environmentally conscious than average to account for growing carbon and energy costs. One solution may be to use the Earth to provide the ...Full Article