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Altair Acquires Univa

TROY, Mich., Sept. 15, 2020 — Altair a global technology company providing solutions in data analytics, product development, and high-performance computing (HPC), today announced the acquisition of Univa, a ...Full Article

Univa Brings Cloud Automation to Slurm Users with Navops Launch 2.0

Univa, the company behind Grid Engine, announced today its HPC cloud-automation platform Navops Launch will support the popular open-source workload scheduler Slurm. With the release of Navops Launch 2.0, ...Full Article

No Waiting: Mellanox Uses Univa to Extend Silicon Design HPC Operation to Azure

Call it a corollary to Murphy’s Law: When a system is most in demand, when end users are most dependent on the system performing as required, when it’s crunch ...Full Article

Few ML Projects Moving to Production, Survey Finds

The confluence of accelerators like cloud GPUs along with the ability to handle data-rich HPC workloads will help push more machine learning projects into production, concludes a new study ...Full Article

Container Toolbox Grows With Azure Support

Microsoft moved this week to expand its Azure cloud container service with the release of extended native support for the Kubernetes cloud orchestrator along with upgraded support for Mesosphere ...Full Article

Containerize Your Data Center with Univa’s Grid Engine Container Edition
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  IT teams are under pressure to deliver more value, and do it faster. The pressure to meet internal requirements and the needs of customers continues to build. Often with limited ...Full Article

Docker Tool Chest Continues to Grow

Adoption and expansion of Docker application container technology continues to gain steam. San Francisco-based Docker, the de facto leader of the Linux distributed app container movement, announced an update ...Full Article

Univa Grid Engine Takes On Docker Orchestration, Scheduling

Workload management and optimization solutions developer Univa is entering the Docker orchestration frenzy with today's release of the Univa Grid Engine Container Edition product. In September 2014, Univa told EnterpriseTech ...Full Article

Univa’s Workload Optimization Solution Simplifies Enterprises’ Distributed Datacenters

To help enterprises manage and optimize their increasingly distributed applications, datacenters, legacy applications, and frameworks, Univa today took the wraps off Universal Resource Broker, a workload optimization solution for ...Full Article

Univa Grid Engine Does Windows, Linux Containers

Grid Engine, the popular workload management tool for distributed computing environments, now does Windows. And it is also doing Linux control groups, or cgroups, containers, a technology that was ...Full Article
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