Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, November 28, 2022


Tom Siebel’s Unified AI-Big Data Front Against COVID-19

If AI is to help turn back the COVID-19 tide in a timeframe that saves lives and livelihoods, data scientists will need to build machine learning models fast and ...Full Article

Blockchain Interoperability Remains Elusive

Early adopters of blockchain technology, particularly financial institutions that are among the first to wring out the distributed, encrypted and immutable ledgers, are being force to analyze data offline, ...Full Article

Startup Slashes Latencies With Server-Switch Hybrid

For some workloads, the most important thing is cutting out as much latency as possible from the hardware and software stack. For many of those same latency-sensitive customers, simplifying ...Full Article

Improving Economy, Cloud, And Big Data Lift TIBCO

TIBCO Software, which has evolved from providing messaging platforms to a slew of event-driven middleware to power social media and big data applications, is bracing for more growth as ...Full Article