Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Sunday, July 21, 2024

The Green Grid

Virtual Fireside Chat with the Green Grid Executives

It is the mission of The Green Grid Association, a non-profit, open industry consortium, to become the leading authority on resource efficiency in IT and datacenters. The Green Grid's John Tuccillo and Mark ...Full Article

Know What Your Server Costs

With data centers beginning to exhaust their electrical capacity, it’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to know the total cost of ownership for these data centers. By estimating server ...Full Article

Google Uses PUE Properly in POP Optimization

It is refreshing when Google releases a case study where the measurement of PUE is utilized in the actual manner for which it was intended. Specifically, they measured, ran ...Full Article

Pfeiffer Dishes on Data Center Metrics and Trends

Power Assure’s CTO Clemens Pfeiffer spoke with Green Computing Report this week about ten trends he sees controlling the green computing world in the coming years. The discussion inevitably ...Full Article

EDE, Recycling, and a Discussion of TGG Metrics

TGG hopes to build up a new metric called Electronics Disposal Efficiency, or EDE, that measures how well companies and institutions recycle, or dispose of, their EOCU or EOL ...Full Article

Greenpeace Lauds Salesforce Energy Commitment

Environmental advocacy organization Greenpeace has lauded cloud-sharing service Salesforce for sharing their energy information and committing to fuel a portion of their data center activity with renewable energy.Full Article

Examining the PUE Metric

<p>In-depth metrics like OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage) developed in baseball to describe a batter’s efficiency and power at the plate, discounting things like game situation, and sacrifice and ...Full Article