Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Fujistso and Mizuho Deploy GenAI to Track Trends in Humpback Whale Migration

Fujitsu and Mizuho Financial Group have partnered to track trends in humpback whale migration and promote sustainable tourism for Hachijo Island, a popular tourist destination. The island features historical ...Full Article

HPE and Eni Build One of the World’s Most Powerful Enterprise Supercomputers for AI

HOUSTON, Feb. 1, 2024 -- Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced it is building a next-generation supercomputer called HPC6 for Eni, one of the world’s largest energy providers. Eni will use ...Full Article

Going Green in the AI Era: an Imperative for Performance-Intensive Applications

Across the globe, the same pattern is seen – data centers are slowly becoming a detriment to the environment. While energy usage has stabilized around 2-3 percent   of ...Full Article

Experts Grapple with AI’s Environmental Costs

AI algorithms have made tremendous progress in making many computational processes more efficient, but “efficiency” isn’t always the name of the game for the AI industry itself. Famously, a ...Full Article

IBM Joins Effort to Build $200M AI, Cloud, Quantum Discovery Accelerator at the University of Illinois

With demands for AI, hybrid cloud and quantum computing expanding daily, IBM is joining an initiative to build a Discovery Accelerator Institute at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana ...Full Article

Turning Trash Into Renewable Energy for the Datacenter

Renewable energy developer Vieste Energy is partnering with green building design firm ESD (Environmental Systems Design, Inc.) on a national portfolio of 100 percent renewable energy datacenters. Full Article

Opinion: Think Caring, not Persuasive, Technology

Green is a metaphor for a healthy environment, and greening entails activities to restore and maintain its health. Given its current poor health, virtually all greening is aimed at ...Full Article

An Interview with EMC’s Chief Sustainability Officer

Green Computing Report speaks with EMC's Chief Sustainability Officer Kathrin Winkler about the company's latest sustainability report, the major drivers for energy efficiency and a new way of thinking ...Full Article

CoolEmAll Releases Prototype Datacenter Design Tools

The European Commission-funded project CoolEmAll has released the first prototypes of advanced tools aimed at facilitating more energy-efficient datacenters. Full Article

Don’t Crash That Datacenter: Power Engineers Discuss Problems And Solutions For Efficient Power Systems

Whether retrofitting, expanding or creating a new datacenter, electrical systems are important in order to cut costs and become more environmentally sound. What are some typical problems and solutions? Six experts ...Full Article
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