Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, April 22, 2024

Snorkel AI

Snorkel AI Unveils Snorkel Custom to Accelerate Enterprise AI Deployment with Customized Data Tuning

LAS VEGAS, April 11, 2024 -- Snorkel AI today announced Snorkel Custom, a new services and platform offering that helps enterprises use their data to adapt Large Language Models (LLMs) ...Full Article

Companions, Not Replacements: Chatbots Will Not Succeed Search Engines Just Yet

The internet has been abuzz with news about the AI-powered search engine wars between Google and Microsoft. Microsoft has been collaborating with OpenAI to integrate an upgraded version of ChatGPT within ...Full Article

2021: An Incredible Year of AI in Review

From the still-menacing COVID-19 pandemic to new virus variants and overwhelmed hospitals, to extreme weather events, continuing global supply chain issues and a world clamoring for some semblance of ...Full Article

Snorkel AI Gets $85M in Round C Funding to Grow Its Programmatic Data Training Mission

For many enterprises using AI, one of the biggest bottlenecks continues to be the difficulty in getting all their critical data into clearly sorted and labeled groups so it ...Full Article