Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Friday, June 9, 2023

shared memory

Shared Memory Clusters: Observations On Persistent Memory

The other SMC articles in this series have referred to a notion called "memory." These articles have often intentionally not said so, but I have left the impression that ...Full Article

Shared Memory Clusters: Observations On Processor Virtualization

In the preceding articles on Shared Memory Clusters, I have been making a distinction between truly distributed systems – those that must explicitly copy data between systems – and ...Full Article

Shared Memory Clusters: Of NUMA And Cache Latencies

In the introduction article in this series, I explained that NUMA topology-based SMP systems with two levels to the memory (DRAM) hierarchy have been around and kicking for quite ...Full Article

Shared Memory Clusters 101

Shared memory clusters are one of those technologies that is at the same time just evolutionary, but also – because of what it will become – potentially revolutionary. Although ...Full Article