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ARM Server Chips To Scale To 32 Cores And Beyond

The first wave of 64-bit ARM server processors are just coming out of the fabs from AMD and Applied Micro, and ARM Holdings, the company that licenses the ARM ...Full Article

IBM Throws Power8 Gauntlet At The Feet Of X86

The systems business at IBM continued to stall in the first quarter thanks to product transitions in the Power Systems line, the System x business being sold off to ...Full Article

Wall Street Wants Tech To Trade Smarter And Faster

The HPC Linux on Wall Street conference was held in New York City this week, and a lot of the talk at the event was on high frequency trading ...Full Article

Enterprise Software Fuels Bullish IT Forecast

Global IT spending is projected to jump 3.2 percent this year, led by a big increase in enterprise software, while an expanding cloud infrastructure is helping to drive datacenter ...Full Article

Is IBM Prepping Power8 For Late April Launch?

IBM has been telling Wall Street and customers to expect its Power8 processor and the initial systems using them to launch sometime around the middle of this year, but ...Full Article

Intel Quietly Revamps Remaining Xeon E5 Lineup

The Xeon E5 is not one single line of processors, but rather four distinct variations on a theme aimed at difference price, performance, and scalability needs. Two weeks ago, ...Full Article

Quanta Pushes Foot Inside Enterprise Datacenter Doors

Hyperscale cloud operators like Facebook and Rackspace Hosting came to Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer several years ago when they wanted to design and build custom machines tuned up for ...Full Article

HP Will Chase IBM Accounts To Grow Datacenter Biz

Sales of servers, storage, switching, software, and services at Hewlett-Packard's Enterprise Group were up a smidgen in its most recent quarter, but like its peers in the IT space, ...Full Article

Dell Takes A Long View On Datacenters

One of the things that Dell committed to do once it went private was to invest more in research and development. Last summer, while the privatization effort was still ...Full Article

Intel Aims Xeon E7 v2 At Big Memory Workloads

Big companies support thousands of users on their applications, they have big databases behind them, and they therefore need big iron. For those who want to migrate off of ...Full Article
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