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Faraday Announces Plans to Develop Arm-Based 64-Core SoC on Intel 18A Tech

HSINCHU, Taiwan, Feb. 6, 2024 -- Faraday Technology Corporation, a leader in ASIC design services and IP solutions, has announced its collaboration with Arm and Intel in spearheading the ...Full Article

GlobalFoundries to Spend $1B to Expand Chip Capacity; Unveils Plans for New Fab Plant

Chipmaker GlobalFoundries is planning to spend $1 billion to add needed chip manufacturing capacity as soon as possible at its fab plant in Malta, N.Y., while also unveiling its ...Full Article

Pressure Mounts to Respond to Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage

Amid pandemic-related supply chain disruptions, chip makers are urging the Biden administration to include funding and tax incentives aimed at boosting semiconductor manufacturing and research in its economic recovery ...Full Article