Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, February 29, 2024


AMD, Canonical Do OpenStack In A Box

The developers behind OpenStack have come a long way in adding fit and finish to successive releases of the cloud controller, but it is still a pain in the ...Full Article

AMD Reorganizes, SeaMicro Founder Takes A Break

Chip and server maker AMD has reorganized its operations, setting the stage for a key executive who was brought in to run the company's business units to one day ...Full Article

Firing Up 75K VMs On OpenStack In An Afternoon

Running distributed applications on cloud computing capacity means, in theory, that IT shops never have to do capacity planning again. For large enough aggregations of lines of business inside ...Full Article

AMD, Applied Micro Take Fabric Weaving 101 For ARM Server Chips

AMD and Applied Micro, the two biggest and most vocal of the remaining ARM server chip makers now that upstart Calxeda has shut down, have taken up weaving. Both ...Full Article

AMD Gearing Up for ARM-SeaMicro Assault in 2014

Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices confirmed this week that it is on track to get its first samples of its "Seattle" ARM processor back from its foundry partner in ...Full Article

Verizon’s New Cloud Is AMD SeaMicro Inside

Advanced Micro Devices has been looking for a big server maker to adopt its SeaMicro microserver chassis and integrated fabric interconnect, but has found no takers. AMD has, however, ...Full Article

Want A More Efficient Data Center? Get Rid Of Your Old One.

The first round of data denters has been phenomenal. But since they were built for uptime, they're not energy efficient. They don't have the sophisticated DCIM software to make ...Full Article