Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, June 13, 2024


The Network Is Evolving. Are Your NetAdmin Skills?

With advancements like SDN, the Internet of Things, BYOD, telepresence, SaaS, cloud, Big Data and dozens more disrupting what was once a simple environment, it’s safe to say that ...Full Article

OpenStack Backers Come Out Swinging

The OpenStack community is highlighting the cloud platform's steady progress within large enterprises during its annual summit this week in Austin, Texas. Along with a growing list of hyper-scale ...Full Article

Cisco Rolls Software-Driven Net Framework

Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) rolled out its new network architecture this week designed to make it easier to deploy software-defined platforms, virtualization, analytics and other digital enterprise capabilities. The ...Full Article

OpenStack Service Targets Deployment Hassles

Rackspace and Red Hat are responding to complaints that the OpenStack cloud-computing platform is too complicated with a new managed service feature designed to make it easier to deploy ...Full Article

Data Platforms Supplying ‘Smarts’ to the Power Grid

Software is defining and redefining everything from datacenters to the energy infrastructure delivering the power to run IT infrastructure. Software-defined power distribution that also incorporates predictive analytics to forecast ...Full Article

Network Management Automation: The First Step Toward SDN

Unless you live under a rock, if you work in IT, you’ve heard of software defined networking (SDN). The question, however, is are you ready for it? If your ...Full Article

SDN Scheme Aims to Cut Capital Markets Client Provisioning Delays

With the expansion of their global software-defined network (SDN) dedicated to the capital markets industry, Lucera Financial Infrastructures and fiber optics vendor Perseus assert they have cracked one of ...Full Article

Hewlett Packard Reboots With Enterprise Focus

Hewlett-Packard, HP, the iconic company often credited with laying the foundation for Silicon Valley and, with it, an unprecedented burst of technological creativity, attempts to reinvent itself beginning today ...Full Article

Filling Storage Gap Could Boost OpenStack Deployments

As OpenStack cloud deployments slowly grow, so too do nagging concerns about complexity and the persistent difficulty of installing the open source platform, including much configuring and customizing. As ...Full Article

How to Optimize Your Toolset to Tackle Today’s Network Issues

While SDN and IoT will undoubtedly alter the networking landscape, they shouldn’t distract from other business and tech trends that impact enterprise networks right now.Full Article
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