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Tech Sector Frets Over U.S. Export Controls

As regulators prepare to tighten U.S. export controls with an eye toward restricting technology transfers to China, industry groups are pushing back, arguing that overly restrictive rules would cost ...Full Article

Survey: Companies Unprepared for New EU Data Rules

The clock is ticking on new data privacy regulations set to enter into force next year, prompting enterprise data management vendors to issue dire warnings about mandatory regulatory compliance ...Full Article

How to Protect Your Data from Third-Party Breaches

The December 2013 Target data breach that compromised the credit card information of 40 million customers was the first of many wake-up calls to organizations, bringing home the damage ...Full Article

Clean Energy Conundrum: In Europe, Regulations Have Helped Create a “Golden Age Of Coal.”

EU Regulations intended to shift utilities from fossil fuels to renewable energy are having the reverse effect. As America shifts to natural gas, European coal prices drop, and utilities ...Full Article