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Interxion Uses Sea Water to Cool Stockholm Data Centers

The type of efficiency Interxion is experiencing in Stockholm is most commonly associated with facilities using air economization (free cooling) to leverage the cool environment in cool servers. But ...Full Article

A New Tool for Building Energy Efficient Servers

At the request of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) is developing something called the Server Efficiency Rating Tool (SERT) for the ...Full Article

Are Clouds the Fastest Path to Green Computing?

Public and private clouds have been promoted as paradigms of efficiency across a number of dimensions, not the least of which is energy efficiency and the associated carbon footprint. ...Full Article

Don’t Crash That Datacenter: Power Engineers Discuss Problems And Solutions For Efficient Power Systems

Whether retrofitting, expanding or creating a new datacenter, electrical systems are important in order to cut costs and become more environmentally sound. What are some typical problems and solutions? Six experts ...Full Article

What Does It Really Mean To Be Green?

Author Brian Proffitt criticizes "greenwashing" in IT industry. Does lower energy consumption constitute green computing? What about the concepts of "sustainable" and zero carbon?Full Article
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