Advanced Computing in the Age of AI|Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Energy Project Leverages AI for 3D Manufacturing

A federal energy research initiative is gaining momentum with the release of a contract award aimed at using supercomputing to harness 3D printing technology that would boost the performance ...Full Article

From Striped Toothpaste to Lithium-Ion Batteries

<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="" width="95" height="63" border="0" />PARC, an NCMS member company, is a name you might not recognize but really is someone you do know. Xerox’s Palo ...Full Article

Sidestepping Moore’s Law with Micro-Manufacturing

<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="" width="95" height="63" />Despite decades of effort into shrinking down electronic circuits, computer chips of today are still made on relatively large wafers that pack ...Full Article
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