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Quanta Pushes Foot Inside Enterprise Datacenter Doors

Hyperscale cloud operators like Facebook and Rackspace Hosting came to Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer several years ago when they wanted to design and build custom machines tuned up for ...Full Article

IBM Jumpgate: An OpenStack Translator For Proprietary Clouds

While the OpenStack cloud controller has certainly garnered lots of praise and enthusiasm in the past couple of years, there are still not that many public clouds based on ...Full Article

Cloud And Virtualization Combo Pushes VMware To $5 Billion Heights

Server virtualization giant VMware, majority-owned by EMC, had a banner year, punching through the $5 billion mark in total revenue for 2013. In fact, the company posted $5.21 billion ...Full Article

Lustre Running Better Than Expected On AWS

A few weeks ago, Intel made its variant of the Lustre file system, popular at supercomputing centers and seeing more and more uses among enterprises that need zippy access ...Full Article

Who Is Using OpenStack, And How?

The OpenStack Summit is underway in Hong Kong this week, and the foundation behind the cloud controller project has released the results of a survey that was done to ...Full Article

Quanta QCT Peddling Open Compute Servers in North America

Enterprises that are looking to deploy servers and racks based on the Open Compute Project's designs have a new option now that Quanta QCT is ready to sell iron in ...Full Article

VMware Builds Out Public Cloud In US and Europe

The VMware server virtualization installed base has 40 million virtual machines across its 500,000 customers. Most of those VMware shops will want to run at least some of their ...Full Article

Ubuntu Server Linux Wrapped in Latest OpenStack

The quickest way to get your hands on a commercially supported variant of the new "Havana" OpenStack cloud orchestrator is to go to Canonical and get its Ubuntu Server ...Full Article

OpenStack Havana Makes Clouds Scale Globally

The OpenStack community that it developing the open source cloud controller by the same name has rolled up the "Havana" release of the tool and made it available for ...Full Article

SUSE Cranks Cloud Controller Up to 2.0 With ‘Grizzly’ Update

SUSE Cloud, the variant of the OpenStack cloud controller put together by commercial Linux distributor SUSE Linux, is now riding the "Grizzly" release of OpenStack. And that means that ...Full Article
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