Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, July 15, 2024


Ahead of SC17, Mellanox Launches Scalable 200G Switch Platforms

In the run-up to the annual supercomputing conference (SC17) next week in Denver, Mellanox made a series of announcements today, including a scalable switch platform based on its HDR ...Full Article

The Hybrid Network: Monitoring and Management Beyond Your Own Four Walls

More organizations are migrating applications to the cloud, along with more basic infrastructure, such as storage and application development platforms. A recent survey of IT professionals found that 92 ...Full Article

Juniper Networks Doubles SRX5800 Firewall Speed

Juniper Networks today unveiled new hardware for its SRX5800 Services Gateway that doubles the device's available Internet Mix (IMIX) firewall throughput to 2 terabits per second (Tbps) and addresses ...Full Article

Facebook Gives Lessons In Network-Datacenter Design

Every now and again, the hyperscale datacenter operators tell the world about some new tricks they have come up with to solve a particular set of pesky problems, and ...Full Article

Taking The Omni-Path To Cluster Scaling

Intel has some impressive networking assets that it has acquired in the past several years, and the company has made no secret that it wants its chips to be ...Full Article

A Rare Peek Into The Massive Scale of AWS

The idea behind cloud computing, as pioneer Amazon Web Services believed when it launched its first utility compute and storage products eight years ago, is to abstract away the ...Full Article

Airstone Clusters Drive Down Latency With Custom Network

Some hardware and software engineers at a startup called Airstone Labs, who have built scale-out systems for Google, among other places, want to build a better cluster. And as ...Full Article

IBM Unveils High-Speed Link To SoftLayer Cloud

IBM is offering a dedicated connection to its SoftLayer cloud platform as a high-speed link between an enterprise's existing IT infrastructure and cloud services. The SoftLayer cloud division of ...Full Article

Juniper Survey Shows Networks In Cloud Transition

The shift to cloud services increasingly requires changes in network infrastructure to support the rollout, a networking industry-sponsored study found. Juniper Networks commissioned the hybrid cloud study earlier this ...Full Article

Open Compute Project Tackles the Network

Open Compute Project president says something was missing, and that something was the connecting layer. Full Article