Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Intel Advances in DoD’s Chip Packaging Push

Developing new capabilities for integrating complex semiconductor devices such as chiplets into a single package is seen as one way of reviving the U.S. chip manufacturing. Recent funding proposals ...Full Article

Navy Looks To Float ‘Tactical Cloud’

As government agencies edge closer to cloud adoption, one of the military services is attempting to take a more proactive approach to leveraging cloud technology to deliver tactical applications ...Full Article

DARPA to Create Underwater Drone Nests

DARPA, the Pentagon’s research agency, plans on creating underwater platforms that can be deployed at a moment’s notice. Known as “Hydra,” named after the serpent-like creature with many heads ...Full Article

NASA, the Navy to Streamline Supply Chains with 3D Printers

<img style="float: left;" src="" alt="" width="95" height="68" border="0" />It would seem that additive manufacturing is poised to take on an even greater load for U.S. government agencies, as the ...Full Article

Navy Invests in Giant “RoboJelly”

A perpetual hurdle in the field of robotics is motion: refining how robots travel, balance, and interact with their physical surroundings. While an overwhelming majority of roboticists continue to ...Full Article