Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, September 21, 2023

Moore’s Law

From Moore’s Law to SysMoore: AI, Chip Design and How Gordon Moore’s Idea Might Be Changing

Since 1965, Moore’s law – engineer Gordon Moore’s astute observation that the number of transistors on chips will double each year to keep up with the needs of technology ...Full Article

Op-Ed: Intel Confronts Its IBM Moment

On July 28, 1993, IBM announced a staggering quarterly loss of over $8 billion, the second largest in corporate history after GM’s $21 billion the previous year. Louis V. ...Full Article

10nm, 7nm, 5nm…. Should the Chip Nanometer Metric Be Replaced?

The biggest cool factor in server chips is the nanometer. AMD beating Intel to a CPU built on a 7nm process node* – with 5nm and 3nm on the ...Full Article

DARPA Scales Its Electronics Effort

The Pentagon’s top research agency is kicking off a multi-year effort to jumpstart U.S. electronics innovation with a July summit in Silicon Valley. The $1.5 billion Electronics Resurgence Initiative was ...Full Article

IEEE: Computing ‘Earthquake’ Needed As Scaling Stalls

Computer scientists worried about the end of computing as we know it have been banging heads for several years looking for ways to return to the historical exponential scaling ...Full Article

Could the Human Brain Inspire High Efficiency Computing?

At just under 2500 Megaflops per Watt, the Appro Beacon machine at the University of Tennessee comes in at the top of the Green 500 list. Yet underlying this ...Full Article

The Sweet Spot of Research & Development

Digital manufacturing covers a broad range of technologies and trying to predict their evolution and course can be an uncertain process. As a company, you can forgo the latest ...Full Article