Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Monday, September 26, 2022


2021: An Incredible Year of AI in Review

From the still-menacing COVID-19 pandemic to new virus variants and overwhelmed hospitals, to extreme weather events, continuing global supply chain issues and a world clamoring for some semblance of ...Full Article

HP Launches HPC & Big Data Global Business Unit

When HP finally divides into two pieces – HP Inc. (PCs and printers) and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (servers and services) – how will the HPC portfolio fare? Views vary ...Full Article

ARM Servers To Get Muscle From Microsoft?

Microsoft is reportedly – and not unexpectedly – developing a variant of the Windows Server operating system that runs on ARM server processors. Bloomberg reports that Microsoft has a ...Full Article

Moonshot Scale Leveraged For Transcoding, Web Infrastructure

Hewlett-Packard is ramping up its Moonshot hyperscale systems with a set of new server nodes and specific workloads in the enterprise that it has tuned up for the hardware. ...Full Article

Integrated Systems Rankings Led by VCE, Cisco, Oracle

An emerging enterprise category of integrated systems that combine servers, storage and network infrastructure is led by the converged infrastructure alliance VCE, according to the latest in a series ...Full Article

InkaBinka Moves From Cloud To Moonshot For Launch

The premise behind a new startup called InkaBinka, which launched this month and which is only a year old, is that none of us have the time to keep ...Full Article

Canonical To Kick Ubuntu Server Into Hyperscale

Canonical, the maker of the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, does not have the same kind of footprint in enterprise datacenters that rivals Red Hat and SUSE Linux do. But ...Full Article

HP Forges ConvergedSystems From Moonshots and ProLiants

Hewlett-Packard is winding down 2013 with a bunch of systems announcements from its Discover partner and customer event in Barcelona, Spain. The new systems include a Moonshot configuration that ...Full Article

HP Systems Sales Rebound, But Profits Under Pressure

The good news is that Hewlett-Packard is growing its X86 server business faster than the market at large again. The bad news is that a very large hyperscale server ...Full Article

HP Offers Exclusive Peek Inside Impending Moonshot Servers

Hewlett-Packard has staked a lot on its hyperscale Moonshot platform and has said from the beginning that it wanted to have a mix of processors and coprocessors so these ...Full Article
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