Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Friday, June 21, 2024


Case Study: Making Cars Go Faster with Platform HPC

Swift Engineering has been designing and manufacturing high-end race cars since 1983. A small company with limited IT resources, Swift required an affordable state-of-the-art HPC solution that would boost ...Full Article

One-Man Machine Shop Boosts Productivity with CAD/CAM Workflow

Delcam's FeatureCAM system enables even the smallest of operations to move to 3D machining.Full Article

Ambitious Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Announced by White House

On Friday, President Obama, speaking at Carnegie Mellon University, announced the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP), a national initiative that enlists the cooperation of industry, academia and the federal government. ...Full Article

Because You Have to Make Things

The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership announced by President Obama earlier today is forged upon the recognition that by connecting talent, investment and infrastructure, we can revitalize manufacturing in North America ...Full Article

Manufacturing and the Economy: A Random Sojurn Around the Web

Four different websites, four different perspectives on manufacturing and the economy. Some seemingly random links reveal interesting correlations.Full Article

Hybrid Manufacturing Technique Holds Revolutionary Appeal

Software-based "Design for Manufacturing" solution promises faster, cheaper product development.Full Article

Digital Manufacturing: Why There’s Never Been a Better Time

The past several decades have seen the continued outsourcing of manufacturing to overseas outfits. Increased competition, both globally and at home, is leading US manufacturers to seek out all ...Full Article

Event Highlights the Benefits of Manufacturing Software

Manufacturers flock to Rhode Island to learn how software can reduce product costs and speed time to market.Full Article

Museum Displays Robotic Building System

A bright-orange robotic arm creates furniture out of small metal cubes at Atlanta's High Museum.Full Article

The Invisible Innovators: What Is the Missing Middle? And Why Do We Need Them?

The manufacturing market is held together by a vitally-important yet often ignored segment, known as the "Missing Middle." The term refers to the roughly 300,000 manufacturers in the US ...Full Article
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