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Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence Turns Data Into Knowledge

Enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) software helps manufacturing leaders drive business.Full Article

US Manufacturing Reaches Strategic Inflection Point

Although it's hardly time to break out the champagne and strike up the band, the fact that the manufacturing sector in the US is showing a mild resurgence is ...Full Article

A Tradition of Small Business in America

Handshake deals are part of America's legacy, but it's getting harder and harder to sell a product, including yourself, based on old ways.Full Article

Bringing Powerful HPC Software to Small- and Medium-Sized Manufacturers

The Department of Energy's Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) has joined the ranks of agencies, institutions and individuals determined to help small- to medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) benefit ...Full Article

Cloud Computing and the Resurgence of Small- to Medium-Sized Manufacturers

Cloud computing has many of the same goals as time-sharing, and has the added benefit of four decades of technological advances to support its mission of bringing affordable computing ...Full Article

Bay Area Experts Agree: Manufacturing Creates Wealth

A revamping of the manufacturing sector is necessary for sustained economic health, according to distinguished panel.Full Article

Innovation in the Digital Age

Not long ago the subject of innovation in manufacturing was considered a bit of an oxymoron to many leaders in business and government as they chose not to invest ...Full Article

Milk and Cookies To Go: A New Packaging Concept Is Born

Extensive research into consumer eating habits — from rising obesity rates and the latest dietary guidelines to on-the-go food consumption — provided the impetus for Emergent Technologies to create ...Full Article

Reshoring US Manufacturing: the Tools Are Here, the Time Is Now

There are many who decry the sad state of US manufacturing, especially in the face of seemingly invincible Chinese competition. But in reality, there are excellent reasons why both ...Full Article

The Power of Babble

When engineers talk about extrusion and tet meshing and FEA and so on, they're not trying to be pretentious — they're just speaking the language of engineering.Full Article
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