Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, May 23, 2024

Machine Learning

Baidu Researcher: Why Machine Learning is Advancing Rapidly

Note: This article originally appeared in our sister publication, HPCwire. Greg Diamos, senior researcher, Silicon Valley AI Lab, Baidu (the China-based web services and search engine company), is on ...Full Article

DevOps Gets a New Analytics Tool

Among the growing number of uses for machine learning-based analytics is providing insight into how the latest software release in a continuous delivery cycle affects overall IT operations. With ...Full Article

Machine Learning Leveraged to Spot Ransomware

Everyone seemingly is complaining about the spread of ransomware, and now somebody is trying to do something about it using machine learning-based behavioral analytics techniques to track suspicious behavior ...Full Article

Onset of AI Prompts New Security Concerns

Intelligent, often autonomous, systems are making headway in the datacenter as developers, struggling to keep up, seek to offload manual processes by adopting new approaches, such as prescriptive IT ...Full Article

IBM Shifts Spark Development to its Cloud

IBM upped its investment in Apache Spark this week via a cloud-based development platform that would expand data science and developer access to various flavors of Spark, including a ...Full Article

The Emerging ‘Internet of Machines,’ FPGAs, and the Discovery of Knowledge We Don’t Know Exists

The advanced scale computing landscape of the future will have a broader diversity of processors, a focus on matching processors to application domains, and the use of machine learning ...Full Article

GPU-driven Mobile Device for Medical Diagnostics – at Scale, at the Edge, at ‘the Roof of the World’

By bringing to India, Bangladesh and Nepal a low-cost, GPU-driven mobile device trained to recognize chronic disease “signatures” in medical images, a healthcare start-up is building a distributed cognitive ...Full Article

‘Social Good’ Startup Captricity Raises $35M to Expand Automation Platform

While most enterprises we cover are focused on scaling their infrastructure and with it their growth, a small but growing number of "social good" enterprises are looking for ways ...Full Article

Machine Learning Will Transform Business: How to Benefit

This past year there was a major debate in tech media over the future of artificial intelligence in business. The battle centered on whether AI should be feared and ...Full Article

Machine Learning Analytics Tool Optimizes VMware

To help enterprises understand and optimize their VMware environments, SIOS Technology created SIOS iQ standard edition, which uses applied advanced machine learning analytics to comprehend and explain complex behaviors ...Full Article
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