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Linux Foundation Announces the Launch of the High Performance Software Foundation

HAMBURG, Germany, May 13, 2024 -- Today, the Linux Foundation is excited to announce the launch of the High Performance Software Foundation (HPSF). Through a series of technical projects, ...Full Article

Linux Foundation Launches Margo to Deliver Long-Awaited Edge Interoperability

SEATTLE, April 16, 2024 -- The Linux Foundation is excited to announce the launch of Margo, a new open standard initiative for interoperability at the edge of industrial automation ...Full Article

Nephio Community Advances Cloud Native Automation with Release 2, Across Multi-Cloud, Multi-Domain, Multi-Vendor Ecosystems

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 22, 2024 -- Project Nephio, an open source initiative of partners across the telecommunications industry working towards true cloud native automation announced the availability of its ...Full Article

Enterprise Open Source Job Applicant Shortage Persists in 2021, Linux Foundation Survey Finds

Though IT hiring is showing signs of rebounding in the wake of the still-lingering COVID-19 pandemic, finding qualified candidates with high-demand open source skills continues to be a huge ...Full Article

Open Source Survey Reviews Project Security and Sustainability Issues

A Linux Foundation report on trends in open-source software development assesses the factors driving contributors while urging more incentives to secure code and sustain community-based projects. The document, "Report ...Full Article

IT Job Seekers: Open Source Jobs Need You, Especially in DevOps

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, companies around the world are continuing to seek IT workers with proven skills in open source software to fill job vacancies that consistently remain ...Full Article

Linux Foundation Expands Fintech Reach

The financial services sector continues to embrace the open source movement, often playing a leading role in establishing standards and best practices. A prime example is the pivotal role ...Full Article

IBM OpenPOWER to Join Open Source Linux Foundation

IBM has announced it was contributing the instruction set (ISA) for its Power microprocessor and the designs for the Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (OpenCAPI) and Open Memory Interface ...Full Article

Survey: Developers Want API Standards

APIs, application programming interfaces, have emerged as the mortar that binds the bricks of enterprise IT. Hence, calls for greater API standardization grow louder as companies step up development ...Full Article

Software Licensing Effort Focuses on Compliance Tools

A new project launched this week by the Linux Foundation is designed to provide standard tools for complying with the terms of open-source code licenses. The goal of the ...Full Article
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