Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Networking Test Bed Wrings Out Industrial IoT

While a global network of connected devices and sensors touted as the Internet of Things (IoT) remains mostly on the drawing board, the industrial sector is rolling up its ...Full Article

IoT Developers Unify Interoperability Efforts

Silicon vendors are joining forces with appliance, software and platform specialists in the latest effort to forge Internet of Things (IoT) interoperability specifications. The Open Connectivity Foundation unveiled late ...Full Article

Data Platforms Supplying ‘Smarts’ to the Power Grid

Software is defining and redefining everything from datacenters to the energy infrastructure delivering the power to run IT infrastructure. Software-defined power distribution that also incorporates predictive analytics to forecast ...Full Article

Docker Acquires Cloud Pioneer Unikernel Systems

Industry consolidation around an emerging application container ecosystem gained momentum this week with Docker Inc.'s acquisition of U.K.-based Unikernel Systems, a developer of lightweight operating systems used to deliver ...Full Article

Here’s What 6 Smart People Say Enterprise Technology Managers Should Pay Attention to in 2016

Want a prediction that’s a lock for this, and every, year?  The pace of innovation in advanced scale computing will accelerate. The spread of HPC into the commercial realm ...Full Article

IBM Combines Watson With IoT

IBM said it would seek to combine its Watson cognitive computing technology with the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) as another way to boost its cloud platform. The company ...Full Article

IoT Momentum Building From Ground Up

The churn of technology fuels industry consolidation, an inexorable process that includes individual companies as well as industry groups tasked with driving technical standards. The latest example comes from ...Full Article

HPE, Intel Join Forces on IoT Development

Two U.S. tech giants with strategies in place to attack the nascent Internet of Thing market said they are joining forces to forge open standards while moving computing power ...Full Article

Using Automated Data Analytics and IoT to Enhance Shop Floor Productivity
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Data from networked devices — the Internet of Things (IoT) — is beginning to flow from the manufacturing floor to the data center. This IoT data provides an easier, ...Full Article

Asset Efficiency: Taking a Leap Toward the Industrial IoT

The evolution of smart, connected, and autonomous products is reshaping the manufacturing industry and its ecosystem. The convergence of operational and information technologies is opening a completely new axis ...Full Article
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