Advanced Computing in the Age of AI | Thursday, September 28, 2023


Open Source Effort Targets Faster Nets, Storage

Networking is becoming a bottleneck as enterprises store, move and sift through vast quantities of structured and unstructured data from a growing list of sources. In an effort to ...Full Article

I/O Project Looks to Bridge Memory-Storage Gap

A European-led initiative will seek to overcome I/O bottlenecks for HPC workloads resulting from too many processors communicating with slow disk storage. The project also would leverage Intel Corp.'s ...Full Article

Enterprise Cassandra Gets a Storage Boost

As enterprises embrace NoSQL and other emerging database technologies, they are encountering familiar teething problems as they attempt to scale out and deal with stress points like soaring costs ...Full Article

FORTRUST Strengthens Executive Organization in Partnership with IO

FORTRUST announced that David Shepard, senior vice president at IO, will assume the additional role of FORTRUST senior vice president of sales and marketing.Full Article